Teach Yourself Video Making?

by European Heathen Front


OK, teaching yourself how to create videos for Youtube, etc. is really easy.


There are two steps you need to follow:

1) Buy Sony Vegas Pro (of course some people will just download the thing as a torrent for free, saving themselves several hundred pounds/dollars in the process. If they’re downloading torrents they probably download uTorrent first.)

2) Buy the ebook that tells you everything you need to know to use Vegas Pro like a pro. (Again some people will just download the ebook for Sony Vegas Pro 8 from The Pirate Bay. If they did that, then they could either obtain a copy of Vegas Pro 8 to go with it; or get the latest version (currently Vegas Pro 11) because the basics are much the same anyway. )


Step 1:

Buy Sony Vegas Pro form wherever (assuming you’re not one of those people who will just go over to The Pirate Bay or isoHunt and download it for nothing. I can see why some people might do that actually, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper and all you’d really have to worry about is following the instructions to the letter.) So buy the latest version of Sony Vegas Pro – which is currently Sony Vegas Pro 11. (I imagine people who plan on downloading the ebook as a torrent in step 2 might consider obtaining Sony Vegas Pro 8 to go with it.)


Step 2:

Go to Amazon and purchase the ebook for the latest version (currently version 11), and buy the book in kindle format (note, you DO NOT need to have a kindle to read books bought in kindle format; you can download them straight to your desktop and read them there – that’s what I do!)

It’s called Vegas Pro Editing, by the way (so the one for the latest version, Sony Vegas Pro 11, is Vegas Pro 11 Editing.)

And as I said above, apparently some people just go over to The Pirate Bay and download Sony Vegas Pro 8 (the only ebook you can download is for Sony Vegas Pro I’ve been told.)

Here are two links to Vegas Pro 11 Editing, at Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com:

Vegas Pro 11 Editing – Amzazon.co.uk

Vegas Pro 11 Editing – Amazon.com

Although, if you’d prefer you can buy the above as a normal book, and have it sent through the mail as usual.


Now all you need to do is follow the instructions in your ebook. Do a little bit each day and you’ll be making some damn impressive videos in no time!