Oswald Spengler

by European Heathen Front

[Major works are in bold]

The Decline of the West (both volumes)

Prussianism and Socialism

On the German National Character

Nietzsche and his Century


Two faces of Russia and Germany’s Eastern Problem

The Hour of Decision

Man and Technics


In German

A Short Biography

Timeline of Spengler’s Life

1928 Times Article

1934 Times Article

1942 Times Article

The following essays on Spengler and his philosophy will also be very helpful for those who want to achieve an understanding of his general theories:

“Oswald Spengler: An Introduction to his Life and Ideas” by Keith Stimely

“Historian of the Future: An Introduction to Oswald Spengler’s Life and Works” by Stephen M. Borthwick

“History And Decadence: Spengler’s Cultural Pessimism Today” by Tomislav Sunic

“The Pre-Death Thoughts of Faust” by Nikolai Berdyaev


And then on the Counter-Currents website:


‘Spengler is one of the most often tagged figures at Counter-Currents.

Here are the main works we have published by and about Spengler’:


By Spengler:

“Is World Peace Possible?”

“The Colored World Revolution,” Part 1

“The Colored World Revolution,” Part 2

“Prussians & Englishmen”


On Spengler:

Kerry Bolton, “Oswald Spengler: May 29, 1880–May 8, 1936”

Kerry Bolton, “Nietzsche and Spengler: Preface to Thinkers of the Right”

Greg Johnson, “Is Racial Purism Decadent?”

Revilo Oliver, “Oswald Spengler: Criticism and Tribute”

Robert Steuckers, “Atlantis, Kush, and Turan: Prehistoric Matrices of Ancient Civilizations in the Posthumous Work of Spengler,” Part 1, Part 2

Robert Steuckers, “Evola and Spengler”


Articles Making Substantial Mention of Spengler:

Kerry Bolton, “A Contemporary Evaluation of Francis Parker Yockey,” Part 1

Derek Hawthorne, “D. H. Lawrence’s Women in Love: Anti-Modernism in Literature,” Part 3

Revilo Oliver, “Lawrence R. Brown’s The Might of the West”

Revilo Oliver, “The Shadow of Empire: Francis Parker Yockey After Twenty Years”

Ted Sallis, “The Overman High Culture: Future of the West”

Interview with Robert Steuckers

Robert Steuckers, “Postmodern Challenges: Between Faust and Narcissus,” Part 1, Part 2, Part 3



John David Ebert [left-wing] Lecture on Oswald Spengler:



John David Ebert on Oswald Spengler’s Man and Technics: