René Guénon

by European Heathen Front


Along with Julius Evola, Guénon was one of the leading figures in the Traditionalist school.


Articles on the Counter-Currents website (home of the North American New Right.)


Julius Evola, “René Guénon: East and West,” trans. anonymous, rev. Greg Johnson

Edouard Rix, “Remembering René Guénon,” trans. Greg Johnson

Harry Oldmeadow, “Biography of René Guénon”

Thomas F. Bertonneau, “The Kali Yuga: René Guénon’s Critique of Modernity”


‘For a brief biography of Guénon, see Robin Waterfield René Guénon and the Future of the West: The Life and Writings of a 20th-Century Metaphysician. For an interesting and readable historical/journalistic account of Traditionalism, see Mark Sedgwick, Against the Modern World: Traditionalism and the Secret Intellectual History of the Twentieth Century.’


Guénon’s major metapolitical works on Google Books (preview only.)


East and West






The Crisis of the Modern World






Spiritual Authority and Temporal Power






The Reign of Quantity & the Signs of the Times






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